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Are Nas and Kelis getting back together?

Nas the Don stopped by the Angie Martinez show to talk about his NYE show, his upcoming album and the status of his relationship with Kelis. Advertisements

97 Seconds With Nas

Hot 97 gets Nas for their segment, 97 Seconds. Check it out.

Nas Talks Sons & Daughters w/ Cosmic Kev

Nas and Cosmic Kev sit down to talk about their kids and the song “Daughters”.

Fuse: Nas Interview

Nas dropped by Fuse and talked about his new album “Life is Good,” how he avoids beefs and why he doesn’t want people knowing what he’s listening to. Nas then tells why his 1994 classic “Illmatic” is nine tracks of “hip hop excellence” on Review the Old, Plug the New.

Nas “Life Is Good” XXL Album Review

It looks like XXL thinks this is a classic album. I would have to agree. This is the best I’ve heard of Nas in long time. Full Review after the jump.

Rosenberg drops “The Realness” on Nas’ Album “Life Is Good”

Rosenberg, known for keeping it real, gives his honest opinion on Nas’ latest album, Life Is Good.

Nas Funk Flex Hot 97 Interview

Nas talks to Funk Flex about Kelis’s reaction to his album cover.

Nas Tim Westwood Interview

Nas sits in with Tim Westwood and talks the Nicki Minaj Summer Jam fiasco, and his divorce on part 2.

Nas with the.LIFE.Files TV

Life is good! We haven’t had a chance to sit down with one of top rappers in almost every hip hop fan’s book, Nas, in a couple years. In part one of our interview Nas reveals the inspiration behind his new album title Life Is Good, tells us how his former manager Steve Stoute ended […]

Nas Brings out Lauryn Hill Summer Jam 2012

This is just a better quality video for when Nas brought out Lauryn Hill.