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Joe Budden on Hot 97

Joe Budden talks about Love & Hip Hop, Raqi Thunda comments, drug use & more. Advertisements

New Music: Slaughterhouse – “Truth or Truth”

If anybody is as big a Joe Budden fan as I am, then they know what the title of this song is. You already know this song is dope, so I’m not gonna waste my time telling you. JUST PRESS PLAY!!! welcome to:OUR HOUSE 8.28.

Slaughterhouse’s Complex Feelings

Complex ranked the top 30 rappers over 30yrs old, and some people felt a way about the list. Mainly Slaughterhouse. Complex should redo the list though. Get Complex TFOH. RT @YoungJeezy X 3 RT @BigBoi: Ditto #weoutchea RT @Me: @ComplexMag Y'all got me all the way fucked up….. — Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) August 9, 2012

Slaughterhouse Reveals Mixtape Title

Slaughterhouse finally decided to reveal the title for their upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, On The House. Be on the lookout for this one. It should be good.

Fuse: #Slaughterhouse Speak on who cries @ the Movies

Yasmine finds out which members of Slaughterhouse are most likely to eat at a strip club, cry at the movies and challenge Eminem to a rap battle.

Slaughterhouse Mixtape?

welcome to: OUR HOUSE,their second album, drops August 28th. If Slaughterhouse drop this mixtape before the album comes out like they say they plan to, AND IT’S HOT. One can only imagine what the album will sound like.

Slaughterhouse L.A. Leakers Freestyle

Slaughterhouse came through LA Leakers studios and kicked a 6 minutes freestyle. Their new album “Welcome to Our House” drops August 28th through Shady/Interscope Records.

Slaughterhouse x Cee-Lo “My Life”

They released the trailer about a week ago for this video. See what the official video looks like right here.

Slaughterhouse Summer Jam Performance

They performed “Pump It Up”, “Nissan, Honda, Chevy”, and Hammerdance. It’s cool that they’re so tight that they know each other’s songs.

Slaughterhouse cover The Source

Slaughterhouse get the summer issue of The Source. It hits stores June 28th. Can’t wait to pick this up.