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#HardknockTV Tito Lopez talks Dr. Dre & Ghostwriting

Hardknock TV continues their interview with Tito Lopez and talk about meeting Dr. Dre and ghostwriting. Advertisements

#HardKnockTV Hopsin Interview

Check out Hard Knock TV’s exclusive, in-depth, interview with Hopsin at his house. He talks about being unique, not needing a deal, and more.

#HardKnockTV – Lupe Fiasco

Exclusive in-depth interview with Lupe Fiasco. Part 1 starts with Lupe talking to Nick Huff Barili about his new album Food and Liquor 2: Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. Lupe talks about the concept of the album, how he used the book “A People’s History of Poverty in America” as a reference point for […]

Tito Lopez on #HardKnockTV

Tito Lopez talks about his name, Mississippi, and being an honorary member of the Dungeon Family. Check it out.

Pac Div perform “Posted” & “Automatic” for #HardKnockTV 7th Anniversary

As Hard Knock TV celebrates their 7th anniversary, Pac Div gives a live performance of their songs, “Posted” & “Automatic”.

King Los #HardknockTV Freestyle

Bad Boy artist, Los, performs live for Hard Knock Tv’s 7th year anniversary party. He kicks a freestyle off the dome and even lets the crowd pick his topic. Check it out.

Big Sean HardKnock.TV Freestyle

Big Sean rips a freestyle for HardKnock.TV. It sounded like a preview of a verse on a song but you never know with Big Sean.

Tyga “Rack City” Behind the Scenes (Blac Chyna Cameo)

Tyga talks about the Grand Theft Auto concept of the video and his album, Careless World: Rise of The Last King. Oh and Blac Chyna was lookin good! Shouts to Hard Knock TV.

XV Hard Knock TV Freestyle

With The Kid In A Green Backpack dropping next summer, XV give HardKnock.TV a freestyle off the top. When I say off the top, I mean a REAL freestyle: no writtens, and he still went hard.