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HHT Mixtape Review: Elevation Music

I recently came across this mixtape, Elevation Music, by G-Smooth and decided to review it. Full review after the jump.

With the mixtape being hosted by Dj E-dub, G-Smooth starts it off with a feel good track. The lyrics and the beat were uplifting. As it goes on it gets deeper. He expresses his Faith in God and getting back in tune with his religion. It then switches to a mellow mood. C.Mone set the tone on “Stop Us”. She comes with reggae flow. The mood stays mellow with the next track. The message that I got from this song is to get out and get your own. G-Smooth then attacks the topic of the economy, crime, A.D.A.P.(Another Day Another Problem). He hits another important point in this hip hop game. Being different. In a time where everybody either sounds the same or talk about the same stuff, G-Smooth preaches differentiation.

G-Smooth switches the tempo with “Get Up”. He brings a high energy flow to an already hard beat. He gets a lil help from Luv B Akame & Ro Andretti. Million Dollar Scheme, which is one of my favorite tracks because I’m a country motherfucker myself, comes back with that mellow sound. Here, G-Smooth is straight spittin. Da Synik kills his guest verse with a Andre 3000 esque flow.

As the mixtape comes to a close, my absolute favorite joint on the, “SoulFood”, just reminds me of my grandma’s cookin. But the real message in this track is to celebrate real hip hop. Basically fuck all Wack MC’s. The mixtape closes with words and a song of motivation.

To conclude this review, I would say that the title, Elevation Music, fits it well. The mixtape is full of motivation. I also like that G-Smooth pays homage to real hip hop. Not this teeney bopper shit that comes out now. Besides the beatgrid on a couple of songs, I liked every thing else.

Montgomery Burnz (@HipHopTitan)


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