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HHT(Hip Hop Titan) Mixtape Review:The Evolution of Jimmy Dyce

This mixtape inspired me to do my first mixtape review. Full review after the jump.

So far, I’ve listened to this mixtape through and through 4 times and I can’t say I have a favorite song: the reason is because its hard to pick just one. Starting off, the intro does more than set the mood. It gives you a glimpse of how aggressive Jimmy will be coming on the following tracks. Once the intro passes, “Welcome to the Evolution” comes on and Jimmy gives a little more but not enough just so he keep you guessing. Then the very soulful joint “The Editorial” comes on and things start getting a lil bit more aggressive, but just the right amount.

The next three tracks, “People Talk”, “All the Same ft. B.o.B.”, and “Pac Joint” is where Jimmy starts to unleash the most sacred thing to an artist: Himself. The next song, “Slap Boxing” ft. Apollo Smiff, is just a lil lyrical exercise. The next track surprised me. Jimmy put one on here for the ladies. If ladies were smart, they would listen to what he has to says, as he gives some values that most dudes look for in a female. Next, on “Feelin U”, Jimmy does a lil poetry to prepare you for the slow jam “Slow Motion” ft. Orilk.

Again on “Dedication” Jimmy opens another part of himself to the world, revealing who he does this rap shit for. After the “Dedication”, “Back to the Wall” is where I really started to feel his “Evolution”. It was like he had to show you himself for you to really see his “Evolution”. “Back to the Wall” was were I saw that transformation. The rest of the mixtape only reflects the evolution of Jimmy Dyce.

This ain’t a mixtape: this is a street album. Jimmy Dyce told a good portion of his story on this project and I felt and heard every word. I felt like on How2BuildASpaceship, Jimmy was just riding the beats. On this mixtape, I could feel his passion & pain, and it showed. He meant every fuckin verse, and you could hear how much more confident he was in his flow. In my opinion Jimmy Dyce has what it takes to make it big. He constantly shows his versatility with songs like “Pac Joint”, “Distant Lover”, “Slow Motion”, “All The Same”, “Back to the Wall”, and “Samurai Showdown”(where he just shows you that he can fuckin rap). With a complete project like this, I believe Jimmy Dyce is deeper than rap.

Montgomery Burnz(@HipHopTitan)


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